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Liz Brownrigg

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108 Riverside Drive, Sudbury, ON P3E 1G8
Liz has worked as an Executive Administrator for over 30 years which is a time-consuming position; however, she makes time every other free moment to perfect her art. She pushes her limits, along with the boundaries of clay and the laws of gravity. Liz’s peers enjoy experiencing her growth, remembering where she started (melting everything in the kiln one year) to where she is now and how far she has come in such a short period of time. In 2007 Liz took a Hand building class with a well-known local artist by the name of Heather Topp, this was Liz’s introduction to Pottery. In Liz’s words “she sucked at it” and that grade 2 students would have done better, she almost gave up then, but it was the wheel throwing side of pottery that fascinated her. At the time, there weren’t any Pottery Artists giving lessons on the wheel, but that didn’t stop Liz from approaching artists individually and calling them repeatedly until one agreed to give lessons. Travelling to Noelville three times for 45 minute lessons with Gerard Carrier, she was hook, and nothing felt as peaceful as this to Liz. With her 40th birthday coming up, Liz asked for one thing, a pottery wheel – and she got it. She removed everything from her dining room and endless hours of practicing begun.

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