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Alison Sivers

Artist Bio

Sudbury, Ontario
While her fascination with glass began much earlier, Sudbury stained glass artist, Alison Sivers, has been refining her skills since 2004. Her inspiration comes from a variety of sources including the great outdoors and the glass itself. She is always willing and eager to try new techniques and learn new skills. Alison accepts commissions and will work with a customer to create the ideal piece.

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Member Gallery

Birches 2
12″ x 20″


May Flowers
Made with Agate slices – 8.5″ tall
Downy Woodpecker with chick
Stained glass on wood, approximately 12″ tall


Pileated Woodpecker
Approximately 11″ tall, Stained Glass on driftwood
Agate Boxes
3″x3″x1.5″ boxes.Each made with an Agate slice in the lid. Colours may vary.


Birds on a String
Wall hanging – 21″ tall.
Garden Trellises
78″x23″ Trellis. Can be left outdoors in all weather Spring-Fall.
$275 each
Lucky Bamboo
No need to water these plants! Stained glass plants make a great gift for those with a black thumb.
$30-$40 each


Small cacti and succulents
Stained glass plants will stay green without any care!
$30 each
Sunburst Mirror
Mirror portion is 9″ in diameter. The piece has a 16″ diameter in total.
Succulent Garden
This 8 inch dish contains three succulent plants that are really hard to kill! It makes a lovely display piece.


Birch Trees
This was a special commission measuring 20″x10″
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