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Francine Robillard

Artist Bio

Sudbury, Ontario

I was born and raised in Sudbury Ontario surrounded by the beautiful Northern Ontario landscape of lakes, forest, rivers and walking trails. I enjoy painting and creating mixed media art pieces and collages using found objects, plants, dried flowers and at times, insect decay. I work with alcohol inks, water colour inks and acrylics. I am fascinated with the moon which you will usually see in my art work.

My work has been on exhibit at La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario Place Des Arts du Grand Sudbury and at the Sudbury Art Gallery (Sudbury Theatre Centre). I donate my art work when I can to support local charities such as The Sudbury Manitoulin Children’s Foundation.

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Member Gallery


Night Path
Acrylic, alcohol-water color inks (24″x12″)
Moon Garden
Acrylics on canvas (30×40
Acrylic on 20″ round canvas
Copper Flowers
Acrylic and found objects on canvas (10″x20″)
Acrylics on 30″ round canvas
Time After Time
Acrylics on 30″ round canvas
For the Love of Rocks
Acrylic on 18″ round canvas
Moon Squirrel
Acrylics and alcohol inks on canvas (12″x12″)
Acrylic Print (12″x16″)
Lune Bleu
Collage on wood board (10″x15″)


The Copper Leaf
Acrylics – alcohol inks on (20″x12″)
Grey Squirrel
Acrylics & Alcohol inks on 24″x12″ canvas
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