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Members will act solely in the best interest of the organization. This policy is meant to complement the Conflict of Interest Policy and cover a number of conduct issues.

Respectful Conduct

It is recognized that members bring to the organization diverse background, skills and experience. Members will not always agree with one another on all matters. All discussions shall take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy. The decisions of the board must be respected by all members.

Board Spokesperson

Unless otherwise designated or delegated, the Board chair is the only official spokesperson for the board. Only the chair or designate may speak on behalf of the board. News media contact and responses and public discussion of the organization’s affairs should only be made through the board’s authorized spokespersons. Any member who is questioned by representatives of the media should refer such individuals to the chair.

TNAG members are committed to teamwork and respectful conduct. Towards this end members will:

  • Agree to act in the best interests of the organization.
  • Attend to their volunteer duties in a timely and professional manner.
  • Practice fairness and honesty and encourage others to act in such an ethical manner without discrimination.
  • Consistently display a favourable image of TNAG and generally not engage in a conduct or make public statements likely to harm, defame or otherwise discredit TNAG and those persons participating in the organization.
  • Refrain from public criticism of fellow members, directors, volunteers or others participating in TNAG activities.
  • Respect the dignity of others and refrain from the use of offensive language that constitutes harassment or abuse of others participating with TNAG
  • Abide by the principles laid out in this Members Code of Conduct and comply with all applicable by-laws, rules and regulations, resolutions and policies and procedures of TNAG
  • Endeavour to represent the broader interest of TNAG.
  • Refrain from trying to influence other members that might have the effect of creating factions.


Members recognize their responsibility in respect to their affiliation with The Northern Artist Gallery and agree to carry out in a trustworthy and diligent manner the duties and obligations associated with their role as a member and abide by the Code of Conduct. Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action and/or removal as a member.

Informal Process:

The complainant will address the complaint directly with the person concerned to try and resolve the situation.


If the complaint is not resolved in the informal process, the complaint will be sent to the chair of the board for follow-up.